Biological contamination of food

Published: 12th January 2012
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In the food safety issues, some of the foods containing toxic chemicals are naturally inherent, from the environment to get a variety of chemicals harmful to people as chemical pollution. From the environment to get a variety of organisms harmful substances called biological pollution. Caused by biological contamination of food-borne diseases, both developed and developing countries are common. U.S. and UK foodborne disease each year, have accounted for one third of its population.
Food sources that contain micro-organisms of the soil, water, dust floating in the air, human and animal gastrointestinal tract, nasopharynx, and skin waste; natural environment for survival of the parasite, and insects. Contaminated food or direct them, or indirectly through other contaminated food. If animals and plants infected with disease, places these animals and plants as raw materials processed into food, also contain a large number of bio-hazardous materials.
Harmful viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasite contaminated food. The pollution harm main for: 1 make food corruption, metamorphic and with mildew, destroying the edible value; 2 harmful organisms in food produce toxic metabolites when reproduction, such as bacteria and fungi toxin is toxic, people get can cause various after acute and chronic poisoning; 3 bacteria with food into people, in the intestinal decomposition release endotoxin, make the person poisoning; 4 bacteria enter human body with the food into the organization, make the person infection such as disease.
's such as virus
Some people eating oysters and other seafood will appear intestines and stomach intense discomfort. That is because north as caused by virus.
Such as virus infection's influence stomach and intestines, cause gastroenteritis or "gastric flu". "Stomach flu" is different from the flu viruses cause respiratory tract disease of the flu. Enoch such as viral infection gastroenteritis, the symptom is nausea, vomiting, abdominal convulsive diarrhea. Some people complained of a headache, fever, shivers, muscle pain. Symptoms usually lasts for 1 to 2 days. Generally feel in serious condition, a day of many severe vomiting. Symptoms usually intake in 24 to 48 hours after the virus to appear, but 12 hours after exposure may also appear symptoms.
Food of bacterial contamination
Intestinal pathogenic bacteria
Intestinal pathogenic bacteria is food-borne diseases is the most common biological pathogenic factors. After the bacterial infection can cause food poisoning and various infectious diarrhea. Intestinal pathogenic bacteria including salmonella, volunteers, vice hemolytic vibrio were shut, staphylococcus aureus. Salmonella, China's food hygiene standards, food "may not be detected intestinal pathogenic bacteria".
Our country to salmonella food poisoning caused by bacterial accounts for first place. Salmonella mainly comes from humans and animals (especially poultry) of gut and waste, and usually easy to contaminated food poisoning mainly for meat, poultry, eggs and milk, bean products and pastry sometimes happen. Salmonella in 20 ~ 30 ℃ conditions reproduce rapidly, poisoning the incubation period is about 6 to 72 hours, common symptoms included vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain and fever; Food heating to 80 ℃, hold for 15 minutes, it can kill salmonella.
Volunteers were shut
Cause bacterial diarrhea. Bacterial diarrhea is the most common intestinal infection, the main source for patient and carrier, through the polluted dysentery bacillus food, drinking water and other classics mouth infection. In several in the bacteria, volunteers were shut caused by the bacterium dysentery illness is heavy. Produce endotoxin, role to the bowel wall, make its permeability increase, promote endotoxin absorption, cause fever, mind obstacle, even toxic shock, etc. Endotoxin can damage the mucous membrane, form inflammation, ulcer, appear the symptom such as purulent blood and typical mucus. Endotoxin also ACTS in the bowel wall plant nerve system, to bowel disorders, peristalsis disorders and convulsion, especially muscle spasm rectum most obvious, abdominal pain in, in urgent hind heavy (frequent meaning is), and other symptoms. He shut the 10 minutes 60 ℃ bacteria that were killed.
Vice hemolytic vibrio
Its food poisoning also says a fungus food poisoning is to eat salt contains the bacteria caused by food, mainly is the pickled seafood. The main symptoms of acute disease clinical for abdominal pain diarrhea and vomiting watery stools. Deputy hemolytic vibrio are in the sea, so seafood dyed bacteria rate is higher. Not cooked fish crab bei are likely to cause poisoning. Sometimes, and put food containers or chopping block born ripe is not divided, and seafood cross pollution can also cause poisoning.

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