Copper production of ultra-fine processing industry should force

Published: 10th February 2012
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Copper is one of non-ferrous metals which is developed and used in early time. Copper powder (FCu) and its alloy have good conductivity, excellent thermal performance, beautiful color and decorative, strong antibacterial properties. While due to it is without toxic for human body, non-magnetic, chemical stability and good resistance to seawater corrosion and other prominent features, it becomes a very important foundation material of modern industry. It is widely used in electrical, light industry, machinery manufacturing, chemical, construction, defense and other fields.
In recent years, with copper and copper alloy widely used in powder, copper and copper alloy powder market prospects, the Chinese market supply and demand gap will expand year by year, billions of dollars in profits to be excavated. However, due to soft silty copper, grinding processing difficulties, in the moist air easily oxidized, in the process has a certain degree of difficulty.
Current copper production methods are mainly mechanical and physical liquid-phase chemical reduction method and the two categories. At present, China's copper production and processing to the traditional mechanical and physical methods mainly China but also to liquid-phase chemical reduction method as a research focus, but can not be industrialized. The newly developed technology is difficult to immediately large-scale application. On the one hand, some newly developed production technology, as there may be a complex process, electrical equipment requires high investment, low product yield, high cost and wide distribution of particles, environmental pollution, energy consumption, quality, instability and other issues, but also did not become a mainstream technology. On the other hand, some of the new development and production process is still in the laboratory research stage, has not been widely accepted. Therefore, production and application of copper processing technology has been affecting the development of copper industry, the main bottleneck.
Thus, while copper production scale of Chinese living in the world, but because China mainly mechanical and physical production of the main production technology behind the product structure is simple, the lack of high-grade products, especially in the production of ultra-fine copper technological aspects of processing and the United States, Britain, Russia and other advanced countries, there is a large gap.
The mid-1980s, as electronic products continue to demand high-tech, ultra-fine metal powder and gradually developed into new products and cutting-edge high-tech industrial base materials, ultra-fine copper powder with its excellent physical and chemical properties with some exceptional performance, a wide range of uses, the application potential, high added value, the larger the basis of functional powders, metal powders in a number of products stand out, is second only to the importance of iron powder material.
Sub-micron ultra-fine copper powder (1 micron) in addition to good electrical conductivity copper, thermal conductivity, corrosion resistance, decorative, sterilization and non-magnetic characteristics, but also has many characteristics of nano-materials manganese powder, that the small size effect, surface and interface effects , the quantum size effect and quantum tunneling effect, the mechanical, electrical, magnetic, chemical, paint and other areas to increase school performance and many new uses, thus the application of copper areas greater value and potential market demand for a new varieties. Next, ultra-fine copper powder is a new highlight in the development of copper industry, and hot.
However, the present situation in China is difficult in copper processing technology to compete with international companies in the market competition is not dominant. In view of this, the original copper producers are also increasing technical inputs, and from the introduction of foreign advanced technology to improve product quality, enterprise these practices are very worthy of recognition, while it should be noted that the core technology is only through enterprises to take scientific and technological innovation to master, so is the business to improve their own independent research and development strength, to achieve fundamental technology leap.
The development and production of ultra-fine copper powder micron is a key technology which will bring a revolutionary change in copper and its alloys .It has a strong practical value. And at the national seven new industries, it is also widely used. Therefore, its development is very promising. Enterprises should take advantage of this favorable opportunity to accelerate the pace of technology development and seize market opportunities.Source:

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