Plant extracts industry promotes the process of Chinese medicine modernization

Published: 14th March 2012
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Pharmaceuticals market is huge. But because of rarely innovation, the pharmaceutical industry needs to seek new direction of development. Chinese medicine has become one of exploring ways. The traditional Chinese medicine with thousands of year’s history becomes active ingredients of herbs for western pharmaceutical companies to extract. As the core pharmaceutical raw materials and products, plant extracts are widely used in herbal medicine production and it has become an important research topic in the modernization of Chinese medicine.
At present, traditional medicine is expanded in a new direction. That is quantifiable and verifiable effect combing with western and Chinese medicines contain multiple ingredients mechanism of the development of natural herbal bold innovation. In recent years, the modernization of Chinese medicine has become a hot topic of China and the world. On the authority of the Modernization of Traditional Chinese Medicine is defined as: identification and proof of one or more active ingredients in the herbal extract medicines, and to clarify the active ingredient in the body's metabolic processes, pharmacological effects and mechanism of action, thus promoting the scale of the drug production and sales. In essence, the modernization of Chinese medicine is a herbal medicine to meet the western standard treatment agents rather than as food or dietary supplement to the international marketing process.
The key to the modernization of Chinese medicine is a traditional Chinese medicine Western system, that is, through laboratory tests to analyze one or more of the active ingredient in the drugs. However, the differences of Chinese and Western medicine theory, the process of modernization of Chinese medicine has become more difficult. After all, measurement and evaluation in order to better control the efficacy of traditional Chinese herbal medicine is not easy. However, efforts are still ongoing: all over the world drug researchers are actively exploring to establish a scientific evaluation system, making the development of Chinese herbal medicine is more controllable and accurate identification and proof of one of the active ingredient, to ensure that drugs security.
Chinese medicine is positioned as the marketing of herbal products should be a solution that can be used as traditional Chinese medicine to modern. However, all along, herbal irinotecan products as food and dietary supplements to enter foreign markets. Although these herbs are spread for hundreds of years of traditional drug treatment, however, the mainstream market in Europe and America, they can only be used as food and dietary supplements, including vitamins, minerals, herbs or other plants, the dosage form of pills, capsules, tablets or such as oral liquid based. Common dietary supplements, including vitamins and minerals, plant extracts soothe the nerves, such as syrup, namely, hypericum perforatum and substance from natural raw materials such as glucosamine ingredient.
The second solution is the active ingredient for the extraction and separation of traditional Chinese medicine, and then in accordance with the standards of Western medicine, testing and marketing. Antimalarial effective ingredient artemisinin extracted from Artemisia annua has become the vanguard of global anti-malarial. Today, artemisinin is a compound one of the antimalarial artemether active ingredient. Artemisinin is the antimalarial active ingredient extracted from herbaceous Compositae Artemisia annua, and its antimalarial efficacy China a globally recognized independent research and drugs.
The change process of Chinese medicine is not so easy. It will face many difficulties and problems, especially in the quality control of chia seed drugs. Due to the drug efficacy of herbal or plant extracts are most from a variety of chemical substances, it is difficult to accurately describe some kind of active ingredient and its mechanism. Therefore, the traditional Chinese medicine industry today expands in a new direction. That is the combination between quantifiable and verifiable effect in western medicine and the mechanism for many components of traditional Chinese herbal medicine. It develops with bold innovation. This new direction has opened up a third way for global pharmaceutical companies.Source:

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