The development of reusable bags in China

Published: 30th January 2012
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Shopping bags can be divided into two categories: reusable shopping bags and the ordinary plastic bags. Among them, one reusable shopping bag is sold at the price from 1.8RMB to 4.9RMB.One relevant people says that some supermarkets may make the price of plastic bags increase in the future. ‘After all, the original purpose of environmental protection is not just set a price to the original 'priceless' plastic bag, but to let people use reusable bags more often.’
The tide of environmental protection rises, that is a good phenomenon. But in this status, there are still some special sounds, shall it arouse our attention?
‘Expensive’ is a word that many consumers mentioned, and therefore the counter sales of bags often to see more people buy less. Beijing a green bag production plant official said: "Most of the production process bags short, high yield, so the price is certainly not high." Freeze and market the opposite situation, a lot of bags of manufacturers have expressed received orders every day very much, bags market prospects.
Integration of design resources, creative design production, and efficient market to find a path of convergence is a priority. At the same time, we can not help but ask ourselves, is really too expensive bags? Or we do not adapt to the ‘newborn’, from the beginning, regardless of their price geometry, our hearts would have given it a more expensive branded imprint?
According to environmental experts, plastic raw material is polyethylene, the material is non-woven polypropylene, polyethylene is extremely difficult to degrade, while the chemical polypropylene molecular chain is easily broken, can effectively degrade, a non-woven shopping bags 90 days to complete decomposition.
Once the news of ’Plastic limit ‘released, the bags selling becomehot, many of them fancy smart business opportunities. According to the China Plastics Processing Industry Association estimates that the country now use every day supermarket plastic shopping bags up to 10 million, the amount of other types of plastic bags in the two billion or more. After switching to reusable shopping bags, reusable shopping bags on the annual demand is expected to reach ten billion.
It is understood that the majority of bags manufacturing plant according to the specifications of different customer groups to provide samples and requirements for production quantities. In many materials, the non-woven fabrics with lightweight, waterproof, durable, environmental protection and economic characteristics as a preferred environmental protection, favored by the market. "Now many large shopping malls, the company concerned about the brand effectiveness, non-woven fabrics are higher, but some supermarket bags of material difference, but the cost of a few cents, some even the name of 'bags' under the banner of non-plastic bags. "Turning to the status quo, with 10 years experience in the production of bags Sun can not help but helpless. In fact, the current bags manufacturing industry is still a lack of environmental standards, the concept of fuzzy bags. As the high cost of bags and the government is not mandatory, many bags is not environmentally friendly, will adversely affect humans and the environment, and these "fake bags' impact on the existence of the normal market order.
Future trends in packaging market demand for environmentally friendly products will, durable, recyclable, biodegradable environmentally friendly bag will be a consumer favorite. Face of the huge market demand, manufacturers generally want more state preferential policies, such as financial support, tax tilting, etc., and the introduction of relevant laws and regulations, to eliminate production processes in the "fake bags." As the first part of the promotion bags, due to scarce national professional chemical plants, some of the planned open bags core technology and equipment for technology transfer, peer expectations and carry out all kinds of different levels of cooperation in order to reduce production costs.
Reusable bags in the physical store do not have a good market, the online sales are booming ultimate bags. Not long ago, news that Taobao, eBay and other e-commerce sites a month online all kinds of bags sold over one million. The understanding of online stores selling bags of the situation is indeed surprisingly good. However, we must not allow a large number of confused eyes.
Plastic bags exist everywhere, and now using free plastic bags has become a mindset. China University of Politics and Law research experts believe that environmental resources, environmental protection and the promotion of the government, businesses, consumers work together to carry out long-term and effective cooperation, but in the final analysis is that consumer spending habits to establish their own environmental protection. Government to increase publicity, business and actively guide, manufacturers reduce costs, these actions will of course environmentally friendly consumer behavior in a period of time gave birth to the formation, but in the long run there is nothing more powerful than the force of habit.
In overseas, there are many successful experiences about promotion of reusable bags which are worth learning. Canada Leaf Rapids towns stipulates that consumers must bring their own reusable shopping bags, not all shopping, plastic shopping bags to customers, and offenders will be fined up to $ 1000 fine. Singapore will be the first Wednesday of each month is set to "Bring Your Own Bag Day." Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg to each of many large supermarkets charge customers the use of disposable plastic bags the cost of 0.3 euros, of which € 0.1 for the cost of fees, € 0.2 for the environmental tax. After the implementation of this measure, significantly reduce consumption of plastic bags.
In Japan, the relevant departments will regularly check the progress situation of the business to reduce the use of containers and packaging materials. If they find inadequate measures of the business, the businessman’s name will be announced. If it is still not improved, it is necessary to impose 50 million yen fine. Meanwhile, one professor says: Japan focus on creative design for the reusable bags, they believe that the reusable bag itself is a kind of waste. Why do we use the bag? It is better to think the solutions of using bags rather than rack their brains to recreate different kinds of bags.Source:

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